Quill Falcon Cyclone
for Marine Maintenance

Cleans, maintains & restores all types of marine vessels from steel & aluminium to wood & fibreglass

Hull maintenance before & after

Deck spot repair before & after

Fibreglass minesweeper before & after

Cleans & Profiles

Profiles and cleans surfaces to SA2 ½, HB2 ½, SB2 ½, NACE VIS 9, WAB 6/10 whilst also removing soluble salts and chlorides and feathering edges for quality repairs, meaning new coatings stick better for longer.

Soluble Salt Testing

Information sheet


No Sparks or Dust Cloud

The presence of water prevents sparks and dust particles from the grit releasing into the air. This keeps surrounding areas clean and mess free allowing other trades to continue on site, as well as ensuring a safe, spark free working environment for everyone.

Any Surface

By altering the air, water and grit mix the Quill Falcon Cyclone can clean and profile a variety of surfaces from steel aircraft carriers and fibreglass mine sweepers to wooden fishing boats and aluminium research vessels.

Hire or buy?

You can hire or buy direct from Quill Falcon. If you are in the UK and require a free demonstration without obligation please call +44 (0) 1332 864664 to arrange a meeting. If you are an overseas customer please call our head office on +44 (0) 1332 864664 or click here to find your nearest Quill Falcon agent.

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