Scott RAS Mask & Airline Breathing Harness Set

The RAS asbestos airline breathing apparatus set provides the highest levels of breathing protection. The tempest demand valve provides a positive pressure inside the facemask which leads to the mask having an assigned protection factor of 2000 meaning the apparatus is ideal for use in areas of high contaminant challenge.

The inline particulate filter ensures that any fibres that may be present when the product is connected to the airline are removed from the breathing circuit whilst the smooth wipe clean harness reduces the trapping of asbestos fibres and leads to improved decontamination of the set after use. The approved and CE marked to EN14593-1 set includes the airline apparatus, harness, facemask and a P3 filter provided in a hard carry case for protection during transportation and storage.

Weights and dimensions are based on current models in manufacture. Cyclone Trailer System laden weight = full vessel of grit and water and full tank of diesel. Consumption rates based on average dosing settings. Water consumption taken from water used at nozzle. Up to 1 litre of water per minute will be required to keep vessel pressurised. Grit and water consumption may vary according to size of compressor, dosing valve setting, size of nozzle and type of blast media used. Falcon 30 weighed with standard (non ATEX) wheels.

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